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I am looking to care for toddlers in my home ,i have a bachelors degree in fine art, and am taking ECS classes ,which i have just completed ( Developing and Administring a Child care and Education program) This class allows me to work with infants thrue toddler age group. At the moment i prefer working with toddlers as i would like to use my teaching skills. I have a schedule of activities i do with young toddlers. I work with their Receptive/Expressive language Skills ,Gross/fine motor skills ,Thinking /CognitiveSkills, Socio-emocional skills,self help skills,five sences.For the older toddler same idea diffrent aproach. All of the activities are done in ways that are fun for children.I will introduce arts and craft for the older kids that perhaps would be joining after school.If intrested my contact is: 757-7343 Thank you